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Meditation & Mindfulness 101 Online Training

Enroll in our online, teacher-led Meditation & Mindfulness 101 training today! This training includes the basics of meditation and ways to live mindfully and is perfect for yoga teachers, meditation teachers and other artists. This training covers the following topics:

What is meditation, history of meditation, our role as teachers, methods and practices, breathing exercises, brain anatomy & physiology, brain waves, nervous system overview, meditation and stress, how to begin a personal practice, how to lead others, imposter syndrome, crystals, oils and props, corporate meditation intro, what is mindfulness, mindful daily life, minimalism, pyramid of basic needs, effects of the pandemic on self care and relationships, gratitude and ways to practice it, personal meditation practice, conquering self doubt.

We present the information via Zoom with lectures, illustrations, guided meditations, self led home studies and a practicum. 

October weekdays 19th-23rd 10am-1PM

Weekend Oct 17th-18th & 24th-25th 10am-1:30PM

We are a yoga alliance continuing education provider

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