Book a Corporate or Private Meditation Session

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, help individuals handle frustration, and increase productivity and creativity in corporate environments. By stimulating brain function and thus improving problem-solving skills and communication, meditation can lead to a more enthusiastic work environment with fewer stressed employees. Corporate meditation can improve overall morale leading to increased profitability.
We offer corporate meditation in person or via Zoom.

Each session is 35 minutes long and includes breathwork and guided meditation. In-person meditation is done in a group setting in a room at the place of business. Our area of service is Manhattan. Zoom sessions are done from the comfort of your home and will be open a few minutes before the session begins so each participant can sign on and set themselves up.

Our price for a 35-minute session is $55
5 sessions is $270
10 sessions is $530


Need help dealing with life? Want to learn how to meditate and establish a home practice? We offer private 1:1 breathwork and meditation via Skype or Zoom. Included is a brief wellness check-in, 1:1 instruction with various types of breathwork to help decrease anxiety, and a 15–20-minute guided meditation. These sessions are 35 minutes in length.

Our price for a 35 minute session is $55