Welcoming Seasonal Changes

Seasonal changes happen and we need to listen to our bodies. You may find that your current routine isn’t working for you or your day has changed due to work commitments. You may also notice that your appetite, energy and sleep has changed. It’s ok, go with what your body needs right now.

I’ve noticed two things about my body signals: I want more chocolatey desserts and I have way more energy at night. My workouts have shifted to evening since I’m more busy during the day and I’m going to sleep later. Usually, I go to bed early to rise early; lately, I go to bed later yet still rise early. My workouts, though later in the day, are such high quality that I’m ok with the new workout time. Am I going to bed later because the workouts keep me up or do I have more energy due to the new season? I also have had interrupted sleep; lots of thinking (and scrolling, sadly).

Fall is my favorite season; the weather is nicer, I want to be outside and it bring me comfort and overall happiness. This could be the reason for my increased energy. The most important thing for all of us to remember is to listen to our bodies. Sleep more if you are tired. If you have more energy, move more, get more work done, get things accomplished. Your appetite has increased? Make delicious food and enjoy it.

How can we practice self-care during this time?

Enjoying the weather? Sit outside and have a cup of coffee. Take a walk. Sit in the park and people watch or read. Having trouble sleeping? Go to bed a little earlier. Change your sheets and spray some lavender on them. Stop drinking caffeine by 3PM. Meditate. Enroll in our meditation teacher training.

I have a wonderful sweet potato and carrot soup recipe on my blog. It’s warming, easy on digestion and a breeze to make. Cooking can be meditative and is such a wonderful creative outlet. I also offer cooking classes. Take care, friends. Listen to your body, remember self-care and LOVE YOURSELF!

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