A New Normal Routine: Practicing Gratitude

Practicing gratitude: we hear that all the time. It takes work in the form of staying present and being mindful but it’s essential for our happiness journey. Our new normal requires us to be mindful and grateful. I just finished up an IGTV meditation on our Instagram account (@yogacollectivenyc) and I talked about this new normal. Our options for socializing have greatly diminished. Outdoor, spaced out events or indoor spacious areas with masks, closed entrances, extra time needed to go where we need to go, this is all new for us. We go out, we have fun and we go home. The pandemic has forced us to maintain boundaries, with others, with what we do, with how long we are out. It has also forced us inside, directed us to quieter, solo activities and has given us plenty of time to think about lives.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Re-evaluate who you give your energy to. Who makes you feel your best? Who do you hang out with that raises your energy, makes you laugh and makes you forget about your phone?
  2. What places do you like to go? Places that are safe, that leave you stimulated? What activities do you like to do now?
  3. What do you do during your indoor time? Your home? What creative outlets do you have and what has this shelter in place led you to pursue?

If you’re feeling down, remember the points in our last blog post. You may be grieving for your pre-pandemic life, and that is normal, but there are good things that have come out of this pandemic. Slowing down, savoring life, resting and connecting with more people online. I invite you to evaluate your life, where you are and what you’ve gained since March.

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