Transitioning to an Online Studio

Online. The word is everywhere. Virtual. Zoom. Our transition to an online studio was inevitable even before the pandemic. The yoga world was changing and rent was climbing. However, it happened so quickly within a span of weeks back in March. I told our landlord that I wasn’t going to renew our lease in January and so I was prepared to transition to an online studio slowly. But the pandemic changed so many of my plans. All of a sudden everyone was online, our future so uncertain in addition to the emotional ups and downs of the virus.

Creating something, anything, whether it be writing, painting, a meditation class or a workshop, it all takes time. While I sometimes feel as if I could have moved faster over the last 6 months, I know that creating our courses required patience and diligence.

Our courses are complete; we have 3 mini courses and our in person Mindfulness & Meditation Training is now on zoom and open for enrollment. We are building our shop page to connect people to other small businesses and celebrating our 10th podcast episode. But, I wanted to get back to why I have this website, why I continued the business online, why I put time and money into the website. To serve yoga and other spiritual teachers and give them a home to continue their education, focus on self care and move their businesses forward.

That’s where are membership comes in. The Collective Membership is launching this month. It has so many wonderful perks wrapped into one package. Access to courses, discounts on products, community and connection. Our studio was a place for teachers and so is our online space.

Join our newsletter to be the first to know when the membership option is live. And our Mindfulness & Meditation Training-it starts next week and we’ve added October weekday and weekend dates!

If you are slowly transitioning online, take your time. Create meaningful classes, connect with your students via email and be patient with yourself. Remember to fit in rest and play while you work. In the mindfulness portion of our training, we discuss the work/play/rest balance. You cannot ignore one and excel at the others without becoming burned out, unhappy and restless. What is play? Laughing, joking around, playing a game, being silly with those you love. Rest can be active or passive, yoga, stretching, meditation, an easy walk or sleep, TV, laying around. Remember your mission and why you teach. Connect often with yourself through quiet time and remind yourself that you are wonderful. Everyone else knows this; you should too.

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