Introducing Our Podcast

Well, I stopped procrastinating and started a podcast. It’s called The Mindfull Vegan and it meshes my mindfulness and meditation work with my vegan lifestyle, my love for cooking and lots of creativity talk. It’s basically going to be solo episodes about everything I love and then interviews with people I know and love or follow. I have so many people I want to chat with and so many topics to talk about so I look forward to moving this podcast forward. I recorded the first 3 episodes, all solo eps, so have a listen! The podcast is on Apple so far, and also here.

It’s interesting starting a podcast, it’s fun to freely talk about topics but I also wonder who is actually listening or who will care. Podcasts are still up and coming, there are alot of them out there but it’s still a growing trend. I started this podcast to talk about things that I don’t necessarily blog about but also to help promote my recipe blog and this website.

If you know me, you know that I’m trying to live more minimally and part ways with stuff I don’t use. I don’t believe that we need alot of tangible things to make us happy but I do love to share my favorite products that I use and love. So, I plan on adding a shop page to this website. I will be linking to my favorite products that I use during meditation and workouts. Keep an eye out for that new page. Also, check out our offerings page. We have a schedule where you can book private and corporate meditation sessions-all happening online as of right now.

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone!

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