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Talk about moving your business online in a flash! That’s what this winter and spring has been all about. Since 2015, we’ve done corporate meditation sessions, all in person sessions, while also running the studio. But once the pandemic hit, we switched to Zoom and it’s been a joy. We have had such amazing feedback and made relationships with very cool people.

Our offerings are all focused on meditation. Corporate meditation is a wonderful way to bring calm and peace to the workplace, even if people are remote. Benefits of corporate meditation? Increased social interactions among coworkers, increased productivity and happier staff. Our sessions are 30-35 minutes long and focus on breathwork, a guided meditation with a particular theme and a take-home message (breathwork exercise, an intention). Meditation in the workplace is so needed and we love providing this.

Our mini courses focus on meditation as well. Why do we focus so much on meditation? I knew I didn’t want our virtual space to just be another website offering online yoga classes. I wanted to bring my love for meditation and love for teaching it to others. Our studio was always a place for teachers to spread their teaching wings; our virtual space is for teachers AND students. Come as you are, with the knowledge you have and learn to become a meditation instructor or bring meditation to your work.

I would not have wanted this pandemic to go any other way. Our website is lovely, we are building our meditation portfolio, forging relationships with people outside of a yoga studio and hoping to keep moving forward with new ideas.

How to Become a Meditation Instructor

How to Bring Meditation to the Workplace

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