Checking in on your Meditation Practice

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How is your meditation practice going? When you sit down and plan out meditation sessions you are leading for others, do you think about anything besides your theme and breathwork exercises? What about props? Not just meditation cushions or bolsters but conversation starters, if you will. When we had our studio, we were studio partners with NY Yoga + Life magazine and we would get this awesome swag box every year. In it was alot of amazing products ranging from skin care to books. There was a satchel of meditation cards, a box of intention cards and a meditation book with inspirational words by Adrienne Enns, founder of May You Know Joy. I loved everything in the satchel (and let me say I dislike accumulating stuff)

Today, I use the cards when I do meditation live videos or IGTV videos and I also use the book when I do corporate meditation sessions. These products are a wonderful addition to your meditation sessions, a chance for you to leave your students with thoughts as you end the session or thoughts to start out your session. Pulling an intention card is a great way to set an intention for the session or use the intention as a focal point as you go through the session.

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How are your meditation sessions going? Are you leading others or enjoying your personal practice? I am currently taking a course by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach to help people establish a mindfulness meditation practice. I already have a practice but reviewing information, reminding oneself of the basics and guidance by a long-time meditation teacher is always needed. Remember: as teachers, we are also students. Even if you currently teach meditation, there is always room for growth, for continuing education and for one to gain a different perspective on meditation.

I finished writing both of our meditation courses last month. Both are mini courses and both focus on teaching others. Our How to Become a Meditation Instructor mini course started out as a 25 hour in person course at our yoga studio in the summer of 2019. Then I turned it into a mini course and when I moved the business online in March 2020, I wrote the mini course How to Bring Meditation to the Workplace. Both courses are taking enrollments now

I hope your day has been productive, restful, peaceful and joyful. Check back here to the blog for more thoughts-I’m in a writing kind of mood lately.

Love, Nicole

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